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Our services are specialized and customized to the needs of our clients. We are careful to ensure that we are offering clients exactly what they need to increase productivity. Generally, we follow 3 primary steps to “Get Started.”

  1. Needs Assessment—Parker Ed representatives will schedule a meeting to interview key organization personnel. This might also include a survey to gather data

  2. Customized Proposal—A proposal is developed based on the analysis of the data collected from the needs assessment.

  3. Strategic Implementation Plan—Parker Ed representatives will work with the client to make informed decisions about how and when to begin the work.

This “getting started” process, generally, is a short process. Our ultimate goal is to build partnerships with clients to ensure the client is satisfied with our work and we provide the coaching and professional development services to positively impact the client’s bottom line.

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Personality Package: Creating a Climate of Respect, Rapport, and Relationship

Many of us don’t actually know what we’re capable of until we figure out how to utilize our experiences. Personality mining is the process that unearths the confidence and self-discovery within those experiences. And for this process we use our flagship tool, the Personality Package. Contact us if you’re in leadership, management, or responsible for team buy-in and want to yield more productive outcomes from implementing new initiatives.

Personaliy Package service



“Cultural humility is the foundation in one’s approach toward equitable practices.  Not only that, but it fosters cultural agility--the ability to move in and out of interactions while engaging with people authentically…..beyond cultural competency.  Contact us for designed de-biasing and more.

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Cultural Humility & Diversity service
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Relationship Management System (RMS) Part 1 and 2

Relationships can be built, they can come and go, or they can just fade away into the horizon. Parker Ed has developed an effective system that maintains the genuineness in any relationship. This 4-part system of strategies is for all educational stakeholders, including D.E.P.T.H. Anchor for equitable de-escalation and P.R.P.L.E. Sandwich for conducting difficult conversations more productively. Contact us for more.

Relationship Management service
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